It's always an absolute pleasure getting to collaborate with big-hearted, inspiring, community driven, caring companies & movements that are working very hard to make a difference in the world. Here are some of my favorites.




My dream of touring the world with Beyoncé was a hard one to swallow for a lot of people. Some did not understand what that meant or how that was physically possible. Although I was questioned, doubted, and not taken seriously at times, I was surrounded by a few very special people that made all the difference. Find out why I have joined the #NothingLess movement… 

For a second year in a row, ALESSE is proudly partnering with girls’ rights organization Plan International Canada (@PLANCanada) and its “Because I am a Girl” initiative. They are making a positive difference by creating a world where girls and women in Canada and globally can unleash their full potential, and they have my full support!

My dream of touring the world with Beyoncé was a hard one to swallow for a lot of people. Growing up, most people did not understand what that meant or how that was physically possible. I was questioned, I was doubted, and I was certainly not taken seriously. 

Now that I am in my 30s and that I can humbly stand here saying I’ve accomplished what I dreamed of and more, I can firmly say that I would not have gotten where I am today if it weren’t for the few positive and encouraging influences in my life. Thanks to my mother, I grew up in an environment where dreaming big was applauded and defying normal was encouraged. Thanks to my sisters, I felt supported and loved despite the amount of “NO”s I heard. Thanks to my mentors, I was reminded that I am enough in times where my self-esteem was at its lowest.

“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?” - Erin Hanson

As scary as it may be, every girl and woman is worthy of going after what they desire most.

To me, #NothingLess means we are worthy of love. It means we deserve the support needed to succeed. It means we should have access to the tools & opportunities necessary to grow. It represents the permission we have to fall and get back up. #NothingLess is the courage we possess inside. We just need that friendly reminder sometimes, you know? That’s what my family was to me. That’s what I would like to be for you. That’s what YOU can be for a girl or woman in your life too.

Join me, join @MyNothingLess and their campaign by taking one simple action towards supporting someone to go after their biggest dream. But really! I mean it. Once you are done reading this last paragraph, go ahead and TAKE ACTION. An action that can make a big difference! Let’s never underestimate the power of a compliment, words of encouragement, a helping hand or a simple phone call to remind someone that they are truly LIMITLESS.

The SHINE Program


Exciting news! I am now an AMBASSADOR for the prevention program SHINE. I have teamed up with The Missing Children’s Network and I really look forward to visiting you in your school!

I am thrilled to announce that I am now the new AMBASSADOR for the SHINE program created by The Missing Children’s Network. How did this all come about?! I was approached a few months ago after opening up about being a survivor of child sexual abuse on social media. The Missing Children’s Network and I automatically bonded with our common mission to KEEP KIDS SAFE.

Their SHINE program is a prevention program designed to help students build positive self-image, recognize the components of healthy and egalitarian relationships, learn to set boundaries, thus protecting them from abuse, agression and exploitation.

You can contact The Missing Children’s Network to get more information and reserve a date with us. Please note that the program is offer in both FRENCH & ENGLISH for students ages of 10 to 13 years old. Visit and see you soon!



Most teenagers seem to hate everything about their bodies, wishing they could change it all. For me it was my hair one day, my legs the other, my teeth the next, etc. I didn’t always feel pretty and I was looking for ways to shift my appearance instead of making the shift within. Well, that has changed! I am truly grateful for all I have learned (or should I say UNLEARNED). I can now love ME just as I am. Being a part of this Shaun Ross X American Apparel campaign meant a lot!

I first met artist, model, and activist Shaun Ross while I was on the road with Beyoncé. We connected instantly and shared a deep passion for dance, music, and, well of course, Queen B! I was immediately drawn to his authenticity and confidence, and I knew our relationship wouldn’t end there.

I was ecstatic and extremely flattered when I got the call!

Shaun teamed up with American Apparel to create the #INMYSKINIWIN campaign by designing a collection of limited-edition t-shirts. These t-shirts embrace unique, one-of-a-kind beauty such as vitiligo, freckles, albinism, and stretch marks that are beautifully represented as works of art. How fantastic is that! I’m so grateful for Shaun and his ability to use his voice and platform in the most positive way.

I had an absolute blast on set for this photoshoot. The energy was electric and everyone involved was exuding nothing but love. This campaign means a lot to me because I know how much of an impact this message would have made on me when I was a young teenager. It’s important to give your body SELF-LOVE & RESPECT and I hope this campaign reaches a lot of people. 

Now, I would love for you all to be a part of #INMYSKINIWIN! It’s simple I promise: go ahead & think of a compliment FROM YOU TO YOU. Now say it out loud! If it feels awkward or doesn’t come easy, it’s ok. I believe it’s because we don’t do it enough and we’re just out of practice. I know I’m putting you on the spot but give it a try! We could all benefit from that extra self-loving & gratitude!


I’ve collaborated with REEBOK on numerous occasions and I have to admit: this event was one of my favorites! I got flown to New York City as a member of the #PERFECTNEVER Army alongside such badass women from all over America! I left the Big Apple feeling sweaty, empowered, and happy!


The PRESSURE to be “perfect” : a concept that is never really welcome but always seems to show face nonetheless. 

Reebok’s campaign #PERFECTNEVER really hit home for me. Whether it be in my personal relationships, in the studio, on social media, or on set, it’s easy to fall into the habit of comparing myself to someone “better”. As a professional dancer, I have heard the word “NO” too many times. I have been told I’m too “this” or not enough “that” over and over again. I’ve questioned my physical attributes, my talent, and my overall being from the social pressure of not feeling “perfect enough”. It’s a lot. It’s too much!

You get called into an audition, grab a number, and are asked to stand there alongside 600 other girls. It doesn’t matter if you’re kind, smart, or talented. All of a sudden, you find yourself getting dissected on what your body looks like, what you chose to wear, and how you chose to do your hair and makeup that day.

What does “perfect” even mean?! We are all unique and that’s what’s so special! If there is one thing I have learned in my fifteen years of working as a professional dancer, it’s the importance of SELF-WORTH. I had to quickly readjust my way of thinking and realize that it’s not about pleasing “them” - it’s about LOVING ALL OF ME, just as I am. By adapting a #PerfectNever attitude, I instantly feel the shift. I am unapologetically embracing who I am and that is attracting more BLISS into my life than I could ever imagine.

Thanks to Reebok, I got to spend my NYC getaway in a room filled with empowered women. My beautiful friend Michèle Barmash put together an incredible event where strong females from all different backgrounds with individual paths united for a great cause. We boxed, we danced, we laughed, we shared, and we connected. I was so inspired by the honest conversations that took place between Gigi Hadid, Lena Dunham, Ruby Rose, Alyra Isman, and Zoe Kravitz. They opened their hearts and shared their struggles. This panel was vulnerable, relatable, and filled with love.
The #PERFECTNEVER campaign has made me even more aware of how in control I am when it comes to RELEASING that pressure I put on myself. I’m thrilled to be real. I’m thrilled to be imperfect. I’m thrilled to be ME.

Some of my credits include:
Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Meghan Trainor, Ariana Grande, Reitmans, The Backstreet Boys, Dua Lipa, Madonna, Cirque Du Soleil, Nicole Scherzinger, Pharrell Williams, Coachella, Nick Jonas, Reebok, Chanteurs Masqués, International Festival DansEncore, Rock In Rio, Xtina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, John Mayer, Chris Brown, Bebe Rexha, Jason Derulo, Holt Renfrew, Super Bowl Halftime Show, Karol G, Sports Experts, Jane The Virgin, Hilary Duff, and more.

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Where can I find out about auditions?
Do I need to be represented to book a dance job?
Who's classes should I be taking?
How do I build my confidence, on and off stage?
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How do I develop my brand?
How important is networking?
Should I be posting lots of dance videos on social media?
How do I apply for an O1 Work Visa to work in the USA?
Where can my parents seek information on dance as a career?
How do I stand out at a convention?
How do I avoid living paycheck to paycheck?
Do I have to move to a big city like Los Angeles or New York to build my career?
What does being an independent contractor entail?
Where can I find like-minded dancers and build a support system?
How do I aim for career longevity?

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by Kim Gingras

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